Can't keep up!

Hey guys & gals,
I'm noticing that I'm having troubles keeping up with all the types of social media/art groups out there. So I thought I'd make this last post with some links to those sites I update the most often.

As always you can contact me at; deadlysweet[at]hotmail[dot]ca if you have any questions about special orders or commissions.

Game boy Plush Magnets!

I made these little guys yesterday, and they're up for sale on my Etsy!

Chun-li Plush

Yet another piece for the gallery show on November 5th.

And there's also one for sale on my Etsy!

Pika Pika!

The Bostons are commissioned pieces.

The Pikachu will be part of a video game gallery showing on November 5th in my hometown. Unsold items will be on Etsy.

Keeping busy!

Here's a few pictures of commissions that have been keeping busy lately.
I only have a couple more to complete before I focus on a video game themed art show in November.

A gift for my friend Erin Hunting or her cat Edith.

This is Racoon Toast Mario from Super Mario Bros 3.

A couple Megamans, one will be displayed at the art show.

Pug commission.

Catwoman commission, the belt is sculpted and the belt is braided.

This Yoda is also a commissioned piece, I'm super happy with how this one turned out.

These little guys will be for sale on my Etsy in November, they're little pins/brooches. They're under 2" tall.

New Plushies!


Starting Fresh

Yeah - as I'm sure you can see all the other posts are gone.
I'm starting fresh as far as my artwork goes - photos after the post.

I got a new Deviant Art account http://misscoffee.deviantart.com/
Etsy Shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/mlegendre

If interested in commissions, contact me either on DA or Etsy.

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